Van Conversion


Meet Sister Rosetta, My 1995 GMC Rally

There once was a van named Jerry Lee that traveled the country and was a home to a dear family friend for 3 years.

JL came to my life in September of 2020 and was promptly renamed Sister Rosetta after the true innovator of Rock N Roll guitar Rosetta Tharpe.

Rosetta is getting converted and ready to head back on the road for a cross country trek in April of 2021. You can follow our conversion progress here.

Time for a Shift

Some call it a rebrand. I call it a life shift.

Sit Down, Becky

    I, like many other women of color, are tired. Tired of playing nice to women that think our vulvas unite us in a struggle. I’m tired of the Sheilas, Pams, Teris and Beckys of the world. The ones that go to yoga everyday never seeing their role in whitewashing a spiritual Hindu practice… Continue Reading →

Intentions Steeped in Privilege Benefits No One

  Last week, the IndyStar reported that an upcoming event in Broad Ripple Park called Rock Against Racism had been cancelled. ┬áIn its reporting on this cancellation- the Star failed to interview any of the critics of the event or to probe into the real reasons why anti-racist community organizers are opposed to events like… Continue Reading →

Silent No More

It’s not very often that you can take the moments and events of your life and say this is what brought me to this moment. A Facebook interaction spawns a relationship. You drop your cell phone, slightly lift the pressure on the gas pedal and miss getting a car accident by seconds. For me a… Continue Reading →


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