Van Conversion


Meet Sister Rosetta, My 1995 GMC Rally

There once was a van named Jerry Lee that traveled the country and was a home to a dear family friend for 3 years.

JL came to my life in September of 2020 and was promptly renamed Sister Rosetta after the true innovator of Rock N Roll guitar Rosetta Tharpe.

Rosetta is getting converted and ready to head back on the road for a cross country trek in April of 2021. You can follow our conversion progress here.

Time for a Shift

Some call it a rebrand. I call it a life shift.

Sit Down, Becky

    I, like many other women of color, are tired. Tired of playing nice to women that think our vulvas unite us in a struggle. I’m tired of the Sheilas, Pams, Teris and Beckys of the world. The ones that go to yoga everyday never seeing their role in whitewashing a spiritual Hindu practice…

Intentions Steeped in Privilege Benefits No One

  Last week, the IndyStar reported that an upcoming event in Broad Ripple Park called Rock Against Racism had been cancelled.  In its reporting on this cancellation- the Star failed to interview any of the critics of the event or to probe into the real reasons why anti-racist community organizers are opposed to events like…

Silent No More

It’s not very often that you can take the moments and events of your life and say this is what brought me to this moment. A Facebook interaction spawns a relationship. You drop your cell phone, slightly lift the pressure on the gas pedal and miss getting a car accident by seconds. For me a…


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