A Day Late and No Dollars Short: My views on Trayvon

Everyone with a preteen knows what it is like to have your words fall on deaf ears.Too many times I've been worried that my using every example as a lesson will eventually lead to "subjective deafness."My lectures becoming "wha wha whas." Just another one of mom's tirades.Not more then a day after my mother introduced... Continue Reading →

with all due respect

It's been a long time since I have written here. I had great aspirations to write everyday and to be this prolific blogger. But alas life has happened and reality set in. Recently I've been dealing with work, children and conflictions. You may ask what has happened to get me to delve back into this... Continue Reading →

Let’s be Honest…

So I wanna tell you a secret. I'm a walking contradiction. True, many might not be surprised but it's my truth none the less. You see when I had started to write "Off the Wagon" it was going to be about me not getting to write everyday. I was going to talk about how rigorous... Continue Reading →

Rookie Daywalker

For a long time my friends and I would joke about how much we despised day walkers. Those responsible people that actually enjoy getting up at the crack of dawn . The people we'd see on the way home from some after party doing something healthy like jogging. We'd always talk about how sorry we... Continue Reading →

off the wagon… temporarily

If you've ever tried to start something or quit something you know how I feel right now. These are the moments when the know-it-alls tell you that it takes 20 days to change a habit. That number of course changes depending on who you talk to. No matter the number it's never something you want... Continue Reading →


I guess the word I am looking for is serendipity but I honestly just call it friendship. I am sure we all have them, those people on your life that get the urge to send you a note saying all the stuff you need to hear. Angels sent from heaven, life's checkpoints or some might... Continue Reading →

To whom it may concern…

A friend contemplating leaving her husband; a twisted web of betrayal and mistresses; lives being destroyed and consumed with alcohol; my own relationship struggles, these are all the things I could talk about. Yet I am constantly in this pull and tug over using this as a forum to tell my friends or even my... Continue Reading →

Expectation addict

Hello my name is Tatjana and I am a expectation addict. It's been hours since my last expectation and I am feeling the effects as we speak.

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