Riddle Me This

         "What is wrong with this world?" Just keeps repeating in my head over and over again. The only words spoken from a child at a vigil I went to for Alton Sterling, the father that was murdered by police for selling CDs at a convenience store, he had permission to do... Continue Reading →

Why I Stand With Bernie

As I stood in the sea of thousands of people, my usual crowd induced anxiety had no place to conjure up its evil head.  When I woke up that morning, I had thought it was just going to be another day... work, mom duties and the like. No idea that my day would end with... Continue Reading →

site update…

I will be working to update this site, so stay tuned and bare with the transition. I am hoping to make this easier to follow as well as navigate. Cheers friends and thanks for joining me on my journey!

Sad State of Affairs

As a young child I dreamed of becoming the President. I was enthrawed by the process and truly believed in it. The notion that people united to stand behind a person that could envoke real change was awe inspiring to me. I talked about it so much my mother surprised me with a trip to... Continue Reading →

Life lessons and a fallen hero

This past week, I have been struggling with the concept of taking the high road and speaking my truth. The notion that business is business and things should not be taken personal. Especially, in a time when the clapback is prevalent and social media is used to air out dirty laundry, it gets hard to... Continue Reading →

Govenor Pence does NOT speak for me!

Words can not describe how heavy my heart is. It has been days since Governor Pence has signed a bill referred to as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or SB 101. Under this bill, people who own businesses or offer services can deny services to someone due to their religious beliefs. This bill was formed... Continue Reading →

My 2 cents on my own “blackness”

It would be an understatement to say my heart is heavy right now. Sometimes I wonder if we as a society are too interlocked and that this "information age" is what is killing us? Everywhere I look there is death, destruction and the battle between US and THEM intensifies everyday. Bombings, abductions, plane crashes, police... Continue Reading →

Always at the Perputial Crossroads

   In my old drinking days I would always tell my friends when I was at my crossroads. Now let me say that I have not quit drinking, when I refer to these days I am referring to my "partying" days. I still enjoy an delicious Old-Fashioned from time to time, I just now have one or... Continue Reading →


   My whole life I have always known I'd be a writer. I started off as the latch-key kid that had nothing but a pen, paper and occasionally a typewriter to keep me company. It didn't take very long to become the tortured teenager, that wrote more in her notebooks than school books. I then... Continue Reading →

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