Truth vs Power

Her name is Dalit. She is 12 years old and her childhood has been spent been within a blockade. She has only known life amongst the rubble and the sounds of bombs in the distance. She want to become a teacher but the only education she has gotten is letters chalked amongst the only wall... Continue Reading →

Silent No More

It's not very often that you can take the moments and events of your life and say this is what brought me to this moment. A Facebook interaction spawns a relationship. You drop your cell phone, slightly lift the pressure on the gas pedal and miss getting a car accident by seconds. For me a... Continue Reading →

Sanctuary Everywhere

We at American Friends Service Committee have long believed that we must stand united against hate and racists ideology. I am here today to let those undocumented folx in our community that we are here for you. We are aware that with the current times that this is bigger then DACA or DAPA and that... Continue Reading →

Issa Hotep Columbus

I am here before you tattered and worn down. Fighting the demons within myself, dancing with the skeletons of my past and standing face to face with the monsters in the mirror. I am trying to navigate in a world that my skin is seen as a weapon. A world where the gender of my... Continue Reading →

Know you are love

  There isn't a day that I wish things were different. The times we are in can seem so dark and there are moments when even I find myself getting overwhelmed. Days when I wonder why do I even fight for justice and equality, when it seems the masses could give a shit about anyone... Continue Reading →

Justice for Aaron Bailey

This is the speech I will be giving at the Justice for Aaron Bailey rally. A unarmed black man, gunned down by IMPD on June 29th after a traffic stop.     There is no denying the sadness that brings us together today. We live in a time when black and brown bodies are being... Continue Reading →

site update…

I will be working to update this site, so stay tuned and bare with the transition. I am hoping to make this easier to follow as well as navigate. Cheers friends and thanks for joining me on my journey!


Over the past few months I've been spending a lot of time reflecting. This isn't a new concept for any 34 years old single mother of three a year after a crazy break-up. It's no wonder I'm not crying at every moment of everyday looming over possibilities gone past; chances left for not and bad... Continue Reading →

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