Not Just Black or White

There is a situation that is tearing apart the racial justice movement in Indianapolis currently. It is becoming a circus of "I told you so" and a jump off point for those with vendettas. However, as a person that is affected by this, I feel compelled to speak up. I'm referring to the recent outing... Continue Reading →

“Through Our Eyes”

"Through Our Eyes" is a piece I wrote for Central Indiana Community Foundation's unveiling of their new mission, for a more equitable Central Indiana. I am beyond grateful to be able speak truthfully about the city that I have grown up in. Indianapolis is my home and despite it's various flaws I will do everything... Continue Reading →

Outside Myself, Within Myself

  Outside Myself, Within Myself By Tatjana Rebelle   I am continually an outsider in my own world. All the pieces of myself fighting for attention. Every aspect of my being grasping for acceptance. Constantly struggling outside myself, within myself, to be seen as a whole. Every news article of oppression linked to some integral... Continue Reading →

Families Belong Together

On June 30th, I was honored to represent AFSC at the Indianapolis Families Belong Here rally. I had misgivings from the start of participating in this rally, and will go into further details about that in my next blog post. What follows is what I said at the rally. Please note that the week of... Continue Reading →

Immigrant Heritage Week speech 6/25/2018

This is the speech I gave, on behalf of AFSC-Indiana,  for the Immigration Heritage Week Press Conference put on by the Indiana Undocumented Youth Alliance. Also speaking was ACLU-Indiana, the Immigrant Welcome Center and the Muslim Youth Collective.   We gather here to celebrate the Proclamation of Immigrant Heritage Week by Governor Holcomb. We acknowledge... Continue Reading →

March for Your Life

  I have been asked to speak at the March for Our Lives March (Official youth-led) rally in Indianapolis on March 24th. What follows is my speech and I hope it will solidify the movement and inspire those that read and here it to push on despite. A special thank you to Mark Sniderman for help with... Continue Reading →

Sit Down, Becky

    I, like many other women of color, are tired. Tired of playing nice to women that think our vulvas unite us in a struggle. I'm tired of the Sheilas, Pams, Teris and Beckys of the world. The ones that go to yoga everyday never seeing their role in whitewashing a spiritual Hindu practice... Continue Reading →

2017: Trigger Happy Fuckery

As I sit here trying to figure out how to even sum up this insane year, I can't get the vision of the yin and yang out of my head. This symbol of light and darkness opposing and simultaneously containing each other. That is the only way I can see 2017, greatness and darkness in... Continue Reading →

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