Sanctuary Everywhere

We at American Friends Service Committee have long believed that we must stand united against hate and racists ideology. I am here today to let those undocumented folx in our community that we are here for you. We are aware that with the current times that this is bigger then DACA or DAPA and that it will take ALL of us to speak out against hateful speech, legislation and violence as well. We must hold our neighbors and families accountable for the normalized racism that we has allowed us to remain silence for too long. We as a community must create safe/safer spaces for all our people, especially the undocumented. We as a community must open our doors and hearts to protect those that are being targeted by hate. We need to spend time, energy and money on Immigration reform NOT of increasing deportation of our youth. We need more programs to ensure the safety of our undocumented community NOT more money being poured into the racist ICE and deportation programs, we have today. It is evident that our government is not looking to help the marginalized so it is up to us to create the change we desire. It is up to us to protect EVERYONE in our community and KEEP FAMILIES TOGETHER. It is up to us to go to our neighborhood associations, religious institutions, school boards and create policies that provide SANCTUARY EVERYWHERE. We must open up our homes and hearts to all so that we can to combat hate. We must confront our family members when they say racists and derogatory statements. We must ensure that we show up when we are called upon. We must stand in the tradition of angelic troublemakers and disrupt the machine that thrives off of racists practices. We must learn from the events of the past and do what we can to stand in solidarity and not silence those in our communities that are being targeted by this administration. We must make sure that every member of our community is respected and welcomed. We must be motivated by love. We must defend DACA, push for immigration reform and provide SANCTUARY EVERYWHERE!

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