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There isn’t a day that I wish things were different. The times we are in can seem so dark and there are moments when even I find myself getting overwhelmed. Days when I wonder why do I even fight for justice and equality, when it seems the masses could give a shit about anyone other then themselves. We are so overrun with greed and privilege, that there are days when I wish I could only care about sports or the latest record or an outfit or anything mundane, just to make it not hurt anymore. I walk the streets and wonder why am I doing this. Then, I go to a park and see children playing, so innocent and unaware. It is because of them, I carry on. I see this light in my own children, that I hope never goes away. This power in not being tainted by the bullshit, us adults and those before us created. I remember that love… will always conquer hate. I’ve learned through my  years as a spoken word artists and promoter that it is when we see the humanity in others, that we connect. So with that I just want to write you all this reminder.

To my black brothers and sisters… know your skin is not a weapon. Know that you are more then the stereotypes set before you. The odds are stacked against us, but know we have survived slave ships, the Civil War and 400 years of set backs. Wear your skin with pride for in that is strength, integrity and honor.

To my people that gender does not define them… push the envelope and live as free as your heart screams. They may not understand that you live in a realm outside of their norms but it is because of you that they will realize the beautiful spectrum that can not hold you down. Blurry that line and make them question why they care. Show them that within you lies the future. A future that can not be contained in duality.

To my gay family… love with every ounce of your being. Do not let others define you by their standards. Know you don’t have to define your standards either. Fall in love with the character of a person and not their body parts. Connect your soul with another and even in the darkest of moments, that love will be worth every fucking minute you devote to it.

To my survivors that had their childhoods ripped away by physical, sexual or emotional violence… know it was not your fault and that you’re not alone. Heal however you must or how much that you can. You don’t have to punish yourself for the darkness others set upon you. You are worth all the love in this world and when you allow yourself the freedom to accept your scars, others will see the beauty in them as well, and never need to know the cause.

To my immigrant family… know a piece of paper does not define you. Hold tight to your language and traditions. Do not let them fool you into losing them, for there are some of us never given the chance to pass on our heritage and we’d do anything to have it back.

To my hajabi… know you are courageous and rebels. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Stand proud in your beliefs. Be brave in your devotion.

To my warriors and fighters… take care of yourself. Don’t lose sight of the beauty that is all around you. Don’t forget why you fight and what drives you. You can’t do much for the cause if you have nothing of yourself to give. Remember to enjoy this gift of life you have been given.

May we all remember that we are human. Don’t lose sight that everyday you are given another chance to do better. Everyday you are afforded the time to try again. Honor those that were not given that chance by standing in love. We have seen what the darkness can do, don’t get lost in it, for if you do… they have won.

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