Why I Stand With Bernie

As I stood in the sea of thousands of people, my usual crowd induced anxiety had no place to conjure up its evil head. ¬†When I woke up that morning, I had thought it was just going to be another day... work, mom duties and the like. No idea that my day would end with... Continue Reading →

site update…

I will be working to update this site, so stay tuned and bare with the transition. I am hoping to make this easier to follow as well as navigate. Cheers friends and thanks for joining me on my journey!

Sad State of Affairs

As a young child I dreamed of becoming the President. I was enthrawed by the process and truly believed in it. The notion that people united to stand behind a person that could envoke real change was awe inspiring to me. I talked about it so much my mother surprised me with a trip to... Continue Reading →

Life lessons and a fallen hero

This past week, I have been struggling with the concept of taking the high road and speaking my truth. The notion that business is business and things should not be taken personal. Especially, in a time when the clapback is prevalent and social media is used to air out dirty laundry, it gets hard to... Continue Reading →

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