Tomorrow is Just Your Future’s Yesterday

       I’ve been writing since I can remember. I could go through the timeline and try to make myself seem more experienced then all that are reading this, but that is not the purpose of this nor true. I will say that I’ve been writing since before I really understood what emotions really are. I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have a notebook (compostion) within hand reach. I can also say that I have been hindered in fashionable bag accessories because many were too small to carry said notebook. But again that is not the point of this post, even if they are all true. I am writing this because I have always known myself as a writer and within the past few years I also became a performer. That transition has done wonders for my popularity but not for my writing. As more years past I found myself healed from the wounds that forged me as a artist and helped me grow as a person but did nothing for my writing. What I found was happening was the vehicle that saved me from my demons, exposed them, exorcised them and then used them to pay bills. It became hard for me to write as a writer and not as a performer. It became even harder when I know who my audience was. I became plagued by fear of alienating this group, pissing of friends and once again ending up alone with just my notebook.

Well I have decided that I don’t care about alienating any group, everyone has the potential to piss me off and it’s always been me and my notebook. I have strived my entire life to be honest and if i do it with myself and my writing then I’ll be alright. So here’s to being honest and if you don’t like it… then don’t read it!

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