Rookie Daywalker

For a long time my friends and I would joke about how much we despised day walkers. Those responsible people that actually enjoy getting up at the crack of dawn . The people we’d see on the way home from some after party doing something healthy like jogging. We’d always talk about how sorry we felt for them with their boring 9 to 5 jobs. They’d never have stories to tell their other pathetic friends about what happened the night before. Never once realizing how ridiculous we were for talking about people that truly had there shit together.
Now I am on the other side of that and how different it really is. Day walkers are truly a special breed of people. I am still amazed at how happy these people are to be up so early. Yet am still blown away by how much stuff you can get done when you get up before two in the afternoon.

Yes, I have children and at one time they were newborns. I was so happy the day came that they were able to make their own breakfasts and didn’t need me to wipe their asses. You also have to keep in mind that I had separated from their father. When you have split custody, you kind of have the best of both worlds. Days to be a parent and days to pretend you are single without any responsibilities. So with that being said I enjoyed being a creature of the night. Sleeping in until noon or later, simply because I wouldn’t go to sleep until 7 or 8 sometimes. We really thought we were living the life.

Not realizing that our lives were complete surrounded by the consumption of alcohol and the “hilarity” that comes with it. Which was compromised of falling, choreographed dance routines at the most inopertune times and of course the blacked out make put sessions. Now I am not condemning the actions at all. On the contrary I think everyone should have a night of supervised reckless abandon at least once in their lives, if not once a year. I can honestly say that I really enjoyed myself.

It actually got to the point where I felt like I was living two different lives. The strict yet loving mother and the spontaneous party girl. It’s like when the CEOs of the world pay to lick some woman’s boot. Except for cheaper and not so demeaning. The thing that I personally had a problem with was that the two lives where beginning to collide, since it’s hard to focus when you have a hangover. So luckily with the birth of my last child I have been able to go back to my fulfilling full time job of being a mother. To tell you the truth I am pretty sure I spent so much time being a creature of the night was because without my children there was no reason not to be.

Now I have no choice in the matter,which is alright with me. I’ll never get used to the chipperness or understand the crack of dawn joggers. I’m still not the most pleasant person to start a conversation with in the morning but I’m definitely not as mean as I used to be. I still don’t like being tired so early in the night especially when I think about all the things I used to do. But I will tell you one thing, sleep is a beautiful thing and I cannot believe I went so long with out it!

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