I guess the word I am looking for is serendipity but I honestly just call it friendship. I am sure we all have them, those people on your life that get the urge to send you a note saying all the stuff you need to hear. Angels sent from heaven, life’s checkpoints or some might say it’s just plain coincidence, either way I am grateful for it. It is those moments that let me know I am on the right track.
I remember one person in particular always seemed to pop up when I was going through a major lift shift. We first met as teenagers loitering in Broad Ripple. We never really hung out that much but we’re always in the same circle. We’d lose touch as people or shall a say acquaintances do. Life took hold of me at one point and I joined a 12 step program, he was in the meeting next door. A few years later when I decided to leave my kids dad, he was going to meet with his ex wife to pickup their daughter. The last time I say him was at the social grocery store, I had just re-enrolled in school and he had just graduated from his. I still to this day wonder how he is doing. It’s those connections I really appreciate. Here is this face from the crowd of my childhood that resurfaces just to let me know that life changes.
There was another person in my life at one time that had such a great impact. He was one of those people that did what they loved for a living. He was able to provide for his family as an artist, something I have always wanted to do. He would always come into town when I had a major artistic decision on my hands. I could ask him questions about things that not many would be able to answer. He had incites of topics that I really only felt comfortable asking him. Due to his input I was able to take that leap to start VOCAB, my spoken word series. I was able to call him friend for quite sometime until we had a falling out. Despite all of that, I still feel compassion and warmth towards him because of what he taught me.

What truly sparked this post was a dear friend of mine that decided to drop me a quick note about me writing again. If you don’t know me I can tell you that I have a bit of a commitment phobia. Okay phobia may be a bit harsh but I can definitely say fear. So making the vow to write this has had it’s moments of mental backlash. As I was sitting at the computer doing everything but writing, I got this message that gave me the push I needed. Which just goes to show me that I really do love writing and if for no one else I need to complete this for me. I’ll be honest that knowing someone else is reading this helps as well.

So if you can take anything away from this post, I hope you take the time to tell someone that you’re proud of them. Hell even just letting someone know that you are there, can make the world of difference. No matter how tough someone acts, we all are looking for that little nudge to know that we’re not doing it on our own. No matter how many people say they are doing it for themselves, it helps to know what someone is paying attention. Especially if that person is going through a life shift. Those are the moments that we need to hear positive things from someone. I know from personal experience that most of the voices in the head rarely say anything nice. So why not just tell a friend that you’re thinking about them because that one little moment can be all someone needs to keep it going.

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