Life’s a perpetual crossroad…

I was out the other evening with a group of friends and there was that moment of crossroads. We’ve all had them. When your in a situation and realize you can either do the wise thing or the fun thing. Which is a shame to say but its honest. One direction is going home at a reasonable hour. The other is throwing caution to the wind and staying out till God knows when. The first will get you set up for a day of productivity. The other will give you plenty of stories and usually a massive headache the next day. No not all crossroad decisions are based on alcohol consumption but that just happened to be when I was the most privy to them.
I have started to think that it’s those crossroads that are the what makes us adults. It’s those moments that make us grow and flourish as well as falter and perish.
I have been thinking quite a bit about this in recent days because of a friend that is hospitalized, possibly by their own demises. Everyday she was presented with that moment of choice. The choice to do the right thing and the choice to self indulge. Now I’m not using this to preach or be self righteous. Hell it wasn’t until my last baby that I was able to make the decisions that don’t lead to regret the next day.
Yet that too was a choice. You may call it morality or free will. It could be the battle between God and the Devil for your soul. No matter what you call it, it is there at every moment of everyday. Some of those decisions can be easy. Like today when the guy in the huge SUV honked at me because he thought I was in his way. I had the notion to kick his car and scream profanities but instead I chose to murmur them under my breathe. Other decisions can be a whole lot harder. Like when I decided that I just couldn’t be in my last relationship any longer and chose to leave my kids’ father. It is those moments in life that we all have, that make us who we are. I just hope that more people decide to do the right thing as opposed to the fun thing.

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